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About Soulful Presence

Soulful Presence was founded by Marcie Davis with the concept that we must take a profound, heartfelt, meaningful approach to our current existence. In essence, we must be present in what is happening around us in our home, community, and world, and we must respond with profound, heartfelt, meaningful actions. We must be present and mindful about every action that we take as an individual and as a society.

Soulful Presence’s mission is to empower underserved populations by creating awareness and advancing policy, research, education, and social action.

Soulful Presence does this primarily in four ways:

  1. Advocating for individuals who cannot advocate for themselves and promoting self-advocacy and self-determination;
  2. Conducting and communicating research on emerging social topics and issues that strives to develop and to advance public policy;
  3. Providing education and training opportunities regarding pertinent social topics and gaps in direct services to underserved populations; and
  4. Facilitating collaborative responses to social issues and needs.

Soulful Presence is committed to creating innovative ideas and solutions that specifically responds to issues impacting individuals with disabilities, at-risk youth, older individuals, crime victims, and families in transition from welfare to work.